Advantages 优势


1、Raw Materials:
The materials of citric acid, cassava, are from Thailand, which is one of the largest three countries for cassava production around the globe. Our plant is close to the port of LeamChaBang, Thailand, which allows cargos be delivered in a short time.
柠檬酸的原材料木薯,来自世界第三大木薯生产国——泰国,我们的工 厂离林茶班港很近,使得发货迅速。
2、Outstanding Team Members
An experienced sales team (over 50 people)
Qualified technicians (about 10 with doctor degree and about 30 with master degree)
Core Technology (Advanced separation technology, membrane technology,ISEP and molecular distillation technology)
拥有经验丰富的销售团队(超过50 人)、 资深技术人员(10 余名博士和30 余名硕士)

3、Environment protection:
It is our corporate responsibility to protect environment and save natural resource.
Advance water-treatment equipment Recycled water
环保:我们的公司注重环境保护,拥有先进的环保设备和废水的循环使 用系统